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Construction Chronicles – Fleming Builders of Greenville, SC is Rockin’ My Hizouse

Fleming Builders Construction is the best construction company in Greenville, SCLook to the sky and give thanks. I’ve found one. Fleming Builders of Greenville, SC (and the rest of the Upstate) is the answer to my prayers. Thus far, I’ve had the absolute best experience with this construction company, a company that wasn’t afraid to come in and take over when another Greenville construction company failed horribly in trust, communication and professionalism.

The wife and I interviewed three additional contractors to come in and pick up the pieces. When I asked the first about subcontractors, he automatically assumed that I was speaking about race/culture/whatever and promptly stated that he doesn’t hire many Mexicans. STRIKE.

I informed the second one that I would be blogging about my home Fleming Builders is the best home improvement, new home, and home construction company that I interviewedimprovement experience and that I had done so already. He was also very hesitant to come in when the dealings with the other construction company were still open. All I can assume is that he found my blog and read about my first experience, which might have frightened him a little. However, he called back two months later when the construction market was taking a major hit. UH, STRIKE.

Jimmy Fleming, president of Fleming Builders, followed up on the original meeting frequently. He wasn’t badgering me, just a professional making sure we had all of our questions answered. He was upfront, honest, and seemingly trustworthy. I say seemingly trustworthy only because I was coming off an experience that left me lacking the trust of any contractor. He was gracious and fleming builders construction home improvement remodel greenville sc upstate south carolina best construction companyunderstanding of our situation every single time we spoke.

Fleming Builders wasn’t the cheapest quote we received, which Jimmy actually said would be the case during our first meeting. However, I’m long enough in the tooth to understand that value is far more important than price. Value during such a major project is an amalgam of trust, honesty, cost, time, and quality. We finally told him that we wanted Fleming Builders to build our expansion.

Both Jimmy and I thought the process would be faster. However, our old construction company decided to play a few games and delay the dreams of our family. Long story short, our family had to put Jimmy on hold for about two months or more while we wiped our hands of dirt. As soon as the new loan was approved, Fleming Construction began work. Seriously, the permits were ready the day we signed the loan. Within days the grading started. Within a week the foundation was poured. Within two weeks the entire bottom floor was framed. The only thing holding us up right now is a forecast of four days worth of rain.

Bottom line, Fleming Builders is kind, honest, gracious, and professional. They understand proper communication and thus far have provided quality craftsmanship.

…to be continued.

One last thing. For those who have be bugging me to post the final chapter of the RC Jones / JD Hale Construction Chronicles, it’s written. Feel free to zip me an email if you would like an advanced copy.


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  1. Timmy, great photo’s of the construction. I sure am glad everything is going so quickly. It sure makes a huge dif. to hire a good contractor. Make sure they give you 3-d shingles rather than 3-tab there is not a huge dif. in cost but they hold up much better. You should get some good money if you scrap the carport frame. He you ever considered putting your parking area straight at the bottom of your drive? You could build a nice wooden carport for the same cost of a deck. They you could have a HUGE patio behind the house. Remember T’s can fall off of raised decks, they can only stumble on a patio.

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