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A Pedophile Is Exploiting My Child

It was an odd Website name. It appeared in my statistics as one hit at first. I started investigating when the hits became ten. I nearly puked when I discovered that an image of my four-year-old little girl was on a Website catering to pedophiles.

I found his name and address. He’s proud of what he does. He likes the attention because he feels he is doing do a service to this country by defending the first amendment.

I made a complaint to the business from where he rents server space. The business is Softlayer Technologies. Within hours the site was down. I was proud of myself for doing what was right. I was proud of Softlayer Technologies for doing what was right. Things aren’t always as they seem, but more on that later.

I did feel, however, that I owed the owner of the Website,, an explanation as to why I made the complaint. Mistake.

I caught up with him in a chat site after searching his name, the name of his Website, and a few other terms. I knew it was him because the specific topic was about the Website being shut down. I wrote an open letter of sorts explaining why I did what I did.

I knew it was only a matter of time before his site was up and running again. I asked him to be a man, prove that he “cares deeply about me”, and take all mention of my family off his site. Read it all here. It’s completely safe. It’s not a pedo or porn site. It’s just text.

I was certainly not satisfied with his refusal, so I took a dive into the underbelly of the Internet. I thank God that I was able to get some information, unbelievable information, without having to see any disgusting images. Some of the titles were enough to again make me sick to my stomach.

I found that Mr. Pedowar is all about displaying as much information as he possibly can. For all intents and purposes, he was bragging about me. This quote from him was taken from one of those underground pedophile sites. “He has no idea we know everything about him. He’s a not too bright Christian.”

Huh? How could he have all of my information?

Why? Because Softlayer Technologies provided him with my name, address, phone number, and email address.

I have two children.

Softlayer Technologies took down Mr. Pedowar’s website because they believe that the content within is in violation of the law and/or their “zero tolerance policy”. However, they gave my contact information to him.

Mr. Pedowar subsequently posted my contact information for all pedophiles to see on these underground pedophile Websites.

Watch the video. It’s brief, and it will explain some of the additional details. By the way, Softlayer Technologies continues to provide this purveyor of pedophilia with service.


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14 thoughts on “A Pedophile Is Exploiting My Child”

  1. This pedowar fellow sounds like a really disturbing person to deal with and I wish you success with dealing him justice and protection of your family. And I’d also like to say that most of the internet isn’t full of people like him and some of the websites you mention like 7chan are also not full of unsavory people. Most people online are friendly, funny and normal people so please do not feel too discouraged by your bad experience so far and please DO feel free to publicize the details of these people so they can be named, shamed and exposed (however I would recommend making an anonymous blog or page so they do not know their exposure was done by you, for your own privacy and protection).

  2. I made sure to email about this. I would also like to point out the First Amendment was created to protect political speech not this crap they post on… thats sick what those people do.

    Hope they get shut down again.

  3. This is absolutely unbelievable. The fact that this… idiot… thinks that it’s fine to take someone’s picture or video, perturb it to their own use, and then re-market it like that is HORRIBLE/DISGUSTING.

    I’m going to email about this as well. How should we refer to the case… by the domain name?

    Getting mass media attention might backfire, but at the same time, it might give you the punch to get this guy arrested or something. If nothing else, copyright violation?

    Keep us up-to-date. Thanks for this, for being a level-headded Christian, and for not absolutely KILLING the man when you got his address.

  4. Wow, I am so sorry you had to go through this. I don’t think I would have been as rational as you. I truly cannot believe this.

  5. Children can’t protect themselves. That’s the job of the parent. Buckeye Timmy found out someone had the audacity to exploit an image of his child. He’s taking action. Drive on, Buckeye Timmy.

  6. This SOB has no idea what he could be facing. I say we handle this the Rittman Way! We get a few of the brothers to work this sucker over with some pipes, wrenches
    and garden hoses till he cries for help. Then we really make him hurt. However that is just my opionion, and not the opinion of the writter of this blog.

  7. The site you’re talking about was only a discussion board and was primarily focused on the absurd media and legal hype that has been created around an artificially inflated problem. IT WAS SPECIFICALLY REGARDING POLITICAL SPEECH. Of course some of the people who posted on the board were pedophiles, but it was also a great ministry opportunity which you destroyed.

    I have not observed Jamon to make any claim to be a pedophile, but only to be an activist for so-called “childrens’ rights”. I consider his beliefs on the subject to be fundamentally flawed, but again you have shut down all discussion.

    Why are you posting videos of your child on the internet anyway? Worse yet, I’m told they include you discussing “butts” with her and acting as if it were something cute. Furthermore, you have an actual picture of a naked child on your site here:
    . Why would you consider any of this appropriate to make public? Does your daughter agree with this?

    The fact that you are linking to his address information on your blog suggests that you are trying to incite physical violence against him. This is exactly the problem with the lack of privacy on the internet. There is no free speech when it can be met with mob violence.

    Until a new forum turns up, I can do nothing about Jamon and the “childrens’ rights” movement, but I suggest you “be a man” and take down all these videos and pictures that put your daughter in a public spotlight, and remove your implied call to violence. Maybe someday your daughter will forgive you.

  8. Dude, when you post something to the Internet it basically becomes the property of the Internet.

    “Mr. Pedowar” didn’t hack your home PC and steal the video, did he? YOU uploaded it for the world to see.
    “Mr. Pedowar” must have found it interesting enough to comment on (or so I assume), and merely used an image which had already been publicly uploaded.
    While your disquiet about seeing the image on a discussion board (obviously this wasn’t a board with illegal content) is understandable, the correct response would be to contact the site administrator about it rather than complaining to the server hosting company.
    And while you obviously impressed yourself by “tracking him down” using super complex (lol) methods to get the WHOIS info of an Internet domain name to find the registrants details, you were only able to do that because he had no intention of hiding those details. You can bet that any person who runs a Tor hidden service (which is completely public and open to any user of the Tor network, not just hackers on steroids) knows how the domain name services work a lot better than you do.

    If there were any “predatory” or illegal activity on the site, the FBI would have been all over it and you wouldn’t have had to bother with your amateur sleuthing. Quit complaining that some webhosts happen to host discussion content that you disagree with.

    You complain about Softlayer providing your contact details to the account holder of the server you complained about, resulting in it being shut down. You don’t think he has the right to face his accuser?
    It should never have gotten that far anyway, as Softlayer was in the wrong by shutting down the server anyway. So, he posted your address on the Internet. Oh well, information wants to be free, yo.
    Look, I understand your concern, but contrary to popular mythology the likelihood of people from “pedo” discussion boards showing up to stalk you is less than your place being hit by a bolt of lighting. It’s certainly possible, but not likely. Seriously, these people prefer to keep their discussions anonymous, they’re going to be more inclined to stay in the privacy of their own homes than going out and drawing attention to themselves.
    “Pedos” have more to lose. You don’t have to worry about an angry pitchfork-wielding lynch mob showing up at your place. “Mr. Pedowar” is taking more of a risk than you are. Kudos to him.

    “Horrid comments”, eh. You’ve been successfully trolled, my friend. ebaums is notorious for trolling people like this. These “horrid comments” were specifically formulated by trolls to get a rise out of you. I highly doubt there was even one serious comment about that sort of thing.
    The only people watching your video will be people who find your little crusade to be of interest.
    Sure your daughter is cute, most girls are. But to be frank she’s no Dakota Fanning. Sorry to disappoint you, but I’d be surprised if the video had been distributed to any such websites, if they even exist.

    The content of “pedowar” was obviously not illegal, or as previously indicated the proper authorities would have taken care of it. Nor would it have been in violation of Softlayer’s AUP, which claims to support free speech.
    I’d like to take this opportunity to voice my disgust at people who don’t believe *discussion* of pedophilia to be valid free speech. Protip: Free speech is not subject to the approval of you or anybody else.

    Last but not least – Dear Zeus, stop indoctrinating her with your Christian myths, you’re not even giving her a chance to decide for herself if she believes that rot.
    It’s probably not your fault that you believe it, your parents probably indoctrinated you, too. Don’t inflict the same abuse on your daughter. Let her grow up and make up her own mind.
    (Although to be honest, I’d have to laugh if you did that and she became a Muslim or something. Or worse – An ATHEIST, oh noes!)

  9. “Dude, when you post something to the Internet it basically becomes the property of the Internet.”

    Incorrect. Try using the Microsoft logo on your site and you will see what I mean

  10. “Dude, when you post something to the Internet it basically becomes the property of the Internet.”

    That is so wrong.

    By that theory, copyright wouldn’t be necessary.

    By that theory, no one has to pay for any software download from the internet.

    By that theory, any streaming music or video becomes my property.

    By that theory, I own every website, every domain name, and every piece of code.

    By that theory, you’re an idiot unable to process higher-level reasoning.

  11. Not ‘samefag’ but yes, the e/b/aums person is right.

    “By that theory, copyright wouldn’t be necessary.”

    Honestly, why not? Many people don’t give a shit about copyright and consider it ‘evil’

    “By that theory, no one has to pay for any software download from the internet.”

    Yes. Indeed. That’s why there’s warez bbses, P2P networks, and tor (lol the blogger went into the TOR network)

    “By that theory, any streaming music or video becomes my property.”

    Fuck yeah. It’s not theirs now, it’s on my HD; it’s mine.

    “By that theory, I own every website, every domain name, and every piece of code.”

    Anonymous IS legion

    “By that theory, you’re an idiot unable to process higher-level reasoning.”


  12. As a survivor of childhood incest I can’t even begin to tell you how pedophiles make my stomach turn.

    Thank you for pointing a light in the darkest corners. For protecting your children and others that you may not even realize that you were protecting.

    I hate that this country has become so liberal as to protect pedophiles and the like behind the first amendment. It was not meant for that.

    Today I work with children – I can point out the ones that are being abused and harmed cause I was one of them. It took a long time to go from victim to survivor. 20+ years! this 20+ years were filled with alcohol and drug addiction, dangerous relationships, and almost a destroyed life. But I was saved in time – someone pulled me from the wreckage.

    Keep doing what you are doing. Our Congress and Political Leaders are useless in this arena. Their laws are no better than the paper they write them on.

    To me you are a hero – for your kids, and all those others — shut down one site at a time. Us “stupid Christians” need to take care of the children. They really are our most precious natural resource.

  13. If you love your kids then you should know the simple things that will protect your children from such atrocities as pornography and internet abuse. Why in the HELL did you post a naked picture of your kid on the internet and think it’s not ok for someone to copy or save this picture on their hardware and use it to their own accord? Or better yet, how did you think it would remain safe from people who would do such a thing as to deform her picture for some pedophiling pleasure? You sir are as stupid as they come…..or misinformed. Stupid is too harsh of a word for someone who doesn’t know the internet well.

    Use common sense man…’s not affected by any sort of religion, sex or race. Common sense is the divine line between peace and tranquilty to this disturbing history of events that has just occured with you and your daughter.

    Common sense would of told you that you shouldn’t let ANY disturbing or hell, ANY photo’s of your child on the internet for anyone to see. Yeah it’s cute but it’s NOT SAFE. You failed as a parent to prevent such acts from happening and I hope to god that when your daughter grows up that she doesn’t realize your horrible mistake of doing this.

    If this is what you consider a religious act by getting revenge on a person because of your mistake by shutting his site down or even some sort of lawsuit against him, then I’m sorry because this isn’t what a christian would do.

    If I was , I wouldn’t of took any action like shut down pedowar’s site. Lord knows it’s a disturbing place and the person is a distrubing person in general, but as far as I can tell the internet is FAR from safe when it comes down to material such as pictures or public information.

    Next time you need to do your homework on things like this to avoid any more shit like this. It’s in your best interest as a parent (not as a christian) to know what to do and what not to do because your children do not know any better because they are children.

    Maybe that’s why this generation is going down the drain….I think that sometimes because of all the stupid acts that occur. A lady sues McDonalds because the damn cup didn’t warn her that her coffee was going to be hot? What was this lady thinking? I tell you what she’s thinking. Money…and what’s the most stupid way of getting it is to degrade your intelligence level by not noticing that coffee will be hot when it’s properly being made.


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