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Reporter Attacked On Camera by Three Women

A reporter for WSPA in Spartanburg, S.C. was attacked while covering a murder investigation.

According the the WSPA Websitereporter Charmayne Brown and was standing on public property when a group surrounded her and started punching. Brown says she was across the street from the victim’s house when family members began yelling at her to leave.

Brown says the group was also yelling racial slurs at her and her photographer. She says one of the women in the group then rushed at her, punched her and dragged her to the ground. She says at that point it’s hard for her to recall what was going on, but WPSA’s satellite truck operator Ray Daubenspeck says he also saw the woman punching her. He called 911, picked up a camera and began recording video. Charmayne says at least two other people joined in on the attack as her photographer tried to pull them off of her. Source: WYFF & WSPA


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1 thought on “Reporter Attacked On Camera by Three Women”

  1. I see a reporter with her fist upraised chasing and hear her slug the woman in the light grey shirt and blue jeans and dark hair (Ms. Taylor), despite her cameraman having tried to stop her. I see the reporter moving backwards while pulling Ms. Taylor down by her hair, then when that doesn’t work, trying to flip her over her shoulder, which angers Ms. Taylor into defending herself because as the others are telling the reporter over and over, Ms. Taylor is pregnant. When the reporter fails to flip her martial arts style, she kneels over her, while EVERYONE is STILL trying to pull her off Ms. Taylor, even her own cameraman. I see the camera pan AWAY when the small black male menaces the woman in the green and white shirt. I see the reporter, even after being pulled away AGAIN, while Ms. Taylor is being peeled off the ground, angrily yelling at them (which is bleeped) and making menacing moves toward them. This video should be headlined: Reporter attacks pregnant woman and family rushes to save her. Not surprisingly, her own station’s video cut out the reporters aggression (or covered it with the station’s banner). That is blatant biased reporting.

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