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Studies Show Stress Sucks, Distressed People Agree

Dog motion blurry black and white background photojournalism
Cooper | 2006

The cycle of life that sends you into a tizzy of stress, woefulness, and questioning why has hit. With the arrival of new, comfort found in the old has gone the way of Mr. Alighieri.

“Through me the way into the suffering city,
Through me the way to the eternal pain,
Through me the way that runs among the lost.
Justice urged on my high artificer;
My maker was divine authority,
The highest wisdom, and the primal love.
Before me nothing but eternal things were made,
And I endure eternally. Abandon every hope, ye who enter here.”

Okay, maybe that’s pushing it a bit to far. Maybe. Regardless, postpartum life decided to turn swinger and hookup with family hospitalization, paralyzing saturation of duty to my employer, and revelation of friendships moving. So for a while I’m reverting to something that lessens the stress of life, cause more joy than sadness, doesn’t get sick, and once captured never leaves: photography.


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1 thought on “Studies Show Stress Sucks, Distressed People Agree”

  1. Dammit, T. You didn’t tell us about the hospitalization part. We need an update, and we need to know what we can do to help. We’re not gone yet, butt face. Oh. Kiss your girls for me.

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