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If I Had Possession

Seeing as how father’s day is but a few days away, I think that it’s time for me to make a list of those things that I want. I’m speaking neither about theology and/or faith nor those things that are simply impossible, such as Otis dressing less gay or GROB having trustworthy integrity. This list is made of nothing more than wanted material possessions with an midland or higher ooh-aah cool factor.

1) Google – Yes, that’s right. I want to own Google. The company has so many cool things that they simply give away. I like giving away cool stuff. The link will take you to Google Labs.

2) EzVision Video eyewear – Seems pretty darn cool to me.

3) iPhone – Have you seen the latest ads? The link is to one of them.

4) Mac Pro – I have one at work but I want one for home. It’s like the ultimate computer and can be upgraded for years to come.

5) A Wired Home – Imagine every electric object in your home integrated wirelessly, controlled by one remote and accessible/controllable via the Internet. You could check from your phone whether you left the iron on and then take the necessary steps at the press of a button, or have an email alert if a something strange is happening.

6) One Massive Hard Drive – This kinda goes hand-in-hand with the above. It would be used to store every photo, movie, song, document and the like. On a properly networked system, these items could be accessible via the Internet and/or a LAN. No more paper and no more CD/DVD!

7) Nikon D2X Camera with a Nikkor DX 10.5 mm Fisheye Lens – No real story here. I just like taking good photos with great equipment.

8) Sony HDR-FX7 HD Handycam – High Def prosumer video in a small package. Very cool!

9) Bose Lifestyle 48 Home Entertainment System – I can’t imagine better sound. However, I’d like to wait until they come up with a version that has a Blu-Ray DVD player.

10) Eric Clapton’s 1964 Gibson ES-335 – One of the greatest guitar players playing one of the greatest guitars. I want it.

So there ya go. This now ends my greedy materialist rant.


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